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On Forgiveness and Boundaries with Family

Peace can be made with our fears by exercising radical acceptance and surrendering to that which we cannot change. 💜

Remember that forgiveness is more for ourselves than for the people who have wronged us.

Granting forgiveness allows us to release the anger and pain from within us and continue to evolve in our personal growth. 💜

Remember that just because we choose to grant someone forgiveness, does not mean we must allow them back into our lives. Boundaries are also a catalyst for healing. 💜

We can allow ourselves the time and space to come to a place within ourselves where we have grieved and processed our pain to the point where we are ready to heal. Take all the time you need. 💜

Not everyone has the skills to exercise empathy or understanding and not everyone can see past their own personal needs. Treat these people with grace, as it is not their fault that they are lacking in emotional depth. 💜

Remember that if we have wronged or hurt someone else, it is OUR responsibility to humble ourselves, apologize and extend the olive branch, not the other’s responsibility to remind us to do so. 💜


In light of the Jewish Holiday season, and Thanksgiving coming up - many of us are struggling with the challenge of finding the balance between quality family time and healthy family boundaries. Setting boundaries with your family can be tough - so here are some prompts to help you!

  1. “Thank you for your input, I am going to do it the way I feel comfortable with.”

  2. “We have asked you not to bring up ______ before. I really need you to respect that.”

  3. “I know you mean the best but talking about _____ makes me uncomfortable. Let's change the subject.”

How do you set boundaries with your family? What ways are helpful to you?

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