I am so excited to announce the launch of the Empowered Woman's Journal! ​

This is a very personal project that is near and dear to my heart because it encompasses some of the most important concepts and principles in which I structure my life, as well as help heal and enrich the lives of others.

Journaling is an incredible therapeutic tool that helps process complex thoughts and emotions as well as decreases stress and anxiety levels, increases gratitude and brings about general clarity and relaxation.

The Empowered Woman's Journal is an amazing creation that combines the principles of the Empowered Woman, along with the therapeutic benefits of journaling- I am so excited to share it with you!

This journal is a wonderful addition to your daily self-care routine and it makes a great gift for any special woman in your life.

You can order your copy of the Empowered Woman's Journal here


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How would your life be different if you stopped allowing others to dilute or poison your day with their word or opinions?

As a clinician, one of the first principles that I like to establish with my clients is Authenticity. We simply cannot make progress with our emotions, trauma, relationships and with ourselves without being completely real about what we are feeling and what we believe. Although it may be painful and even shameful, we cannot effectively navigate the healing process without first becoming completely real with ourselves and others. When you are honest with yourself and others about who you really are at the core, what opinions you hold, what emotions you are grappling with and what traumas you are still holding onto, you can identify which hurdles need to be worked on, which people and environments are toxic for you and which people and environments are healthy and growth-oriented. Showing other people your true self will bring about greater connection and respect for who you are, leading to more fulfilling relationships in your life. What do you think it means to be authentic?

Stop telling women not to give up hope. Sometimes, acceptance is the most peaceful place to be in.

Before I had children, people would tell me not to give up hope. And I didn’t.

Eventually, I was blessed with healthy twin daughters.

But when I tried to have more children, it wasn’t so easy. Failed cycle after failed cycle left me physically and emotionally exhausted, sick, depleted and feeling hopeless.

People kept asking what was happening and telling me not to give up hope!

But all that did was create an environment of pressure, disappointment and emotional unrest.

Eventually, my husband and I realized that while we always wanted more children, I was becoming so drained and depleted that I hardly had any strength or energy to give to the children we already had, who desperately needed their mother!

We came to the realization, that perhaps our dream of having a larger family wasn’t meant to be. As devastating as this was, I was overcome with a sense of relief and peace when I finally laid down my fertility warrior sword.

Sometimes, life will present us with battles that we need to fight, and other times, we must know when to surrender.

The idea of “not giving up hope,” can be motivating and inspiring for those who are still fighting their battle; and it’s great to hold onto hope as a way of keeping you going. But for those who need to surrender and find peace in their place of acceptance, giving up hope can be the best thing we can do for ourselves.

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Peace can be made with our fears by exercising radical acceptance and surrendering to that which we cannot change. 💜

Remember that forgiveness is more for ourselves than for the people who have wronged us.

Granting forgiveness allows us to release the anger and pain from within us and continue to evolve in our personal growth. 💜

Remember that just because we choose to grant someone forgiveness, does not mean we must allow them back into our lives. Boundaries are also a catalyst for healing. 💜

We can allow ourselves the time and space to come to a place within ourselves where we have grieved and processed our pain to the point where we are ready to heal. Take all the time you need. 💜

Not everyone has the skills to exercise empathy or understanding and not everyone can see past their own personal needs. Treat these people with grace, as it is not their fault that they are lacking in emotional depth. 💜

Remember that if we have wronged or hurt someone else, it is OUR responsibility to humble ourselves, apologize and extend the olive branch, not the other’s responsibility to remind us to do so. 💜

In light of the Jewish Holiday season, and Thanksgiving coming up - many of us are struggling with the challenge of finding the balance between quality family time and healthy family boundaries. Setting boundaries with your family can be tough - so here are some prompts to help you!

  1. “Thank you for your input, I am going to do it the way I feel comfortable with.”

  2. “We have asked you not to bring up ______ before. I really need you to respect that.”

  3. “I know you mean the best but talking about _____ makes me uncomfortable. Let's change the subject.”

How do you set boundaries with your family? What ways are helpful to you?

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